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VRC Subscriptions

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These memberships give you access to all cars, all components, all accessories and all tracks, including all future releases, for a period of 90 days. You will be notified by e-mail when your subscription is due for renewal. If your membership expires your account is set (back) to the Free-to-Play account. Your Free-to-Play content is NOT affected by this membership, so it's safe to try out! 

High performance cars 
This membership gives you access to all cars, including high performance modified cars with unrestricted car setup options. These cars also greatly increase your ability to race others in multiplayer and online competition events, and to keep up with them. VRC Pro cars are modeled with extreme precision in respect to both vehicle dynamics and visual appearance. Here at VRC Pro we've been developing R/C car simulation software for over 12 years, in close cooperation with industry experts and top class test drivers. 

World tracks 
We have more than 50 real existing tracks from all around the world for you, and new tracks are released continuously. Racing different tracks is great fun and excellent for your real racing skills, but even more so it is a unique opportunity to experience world-renowned r/c racing tracks which you would otherwise only read about on the Internet. Access to all tracks will also increase your ability to race others in multiplayer and online competition events, and you'll enjoy more varied practice. 

With the all-inclusive membership you can customize your car limitlessly with hundreds of exclusive components (including branded components). You also have hundreds of accessories to personalize your pit table, to make yourself feel even more at home. 

All-inclusive members also build loyalty discount, providing up to 30% discount on the next renewal, depending on uninterrupted membership period length. The longer, the more discount! 

There are also 6, 12 and 24 monthly subscription offers, the longer the subscription period, the more money you save!

$39.00 inc. tax

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